About Fairway Dental

By: David Faul  

Fairway Dental Supplies has been set up to provide dental supplies, consumables, and equipment at the best possible prices.

The company is 100% Australian owned and operated and commenced full time operation in 2010. 

We started by getting a small loan and importing a 40ft container of disposable goods from China. From the prices even we were able to get in those early days it was very obvious that Australian dentists were being charged way too much by some of the larger players (who have even greater buying power than us!).

Since then we have expanded our product line to include equipment (which we had been working with since 2008), and building relationships with some of the biggest names in dental. We attempt to source products locally where possible.

We have also secured agencies for some brilliant innovative products such as Salli, NV Microlaser, Zeffiro dental instruments, and the XO Care range of high end dental units.

Being a small business we are very proud of these products, and like to think that these companies like working with us because we represent their brand in a professional manner.

We operate mostly online but we are real people, with a real warehouse, in a real suburb of Melbourne with real phones and a real fax (well, we do use a virtual fax :)

We don't operate in a normal 9-5 environment as we understand that these are your busy times. In fact since we have been in operation we have noticed a distinct trend in traffic increases and enquiry in the late afternoon and into the evening. We imagine many of our customers sipping on a drink while researching products and saving money in the relaxed environment of their homes, rather than the hustle and bustle of the clinic.

The world has changed and online purchasing will only keep growing. Our customers love the fact they can order anytime, but at the same time, can ask us any product questions they may have at any time via phone, live chat or email and get a quick response.

We believe time is of the essence and dispatch your orders asap. It is not uncommon for us to get compliments on how fast our dispatch and shipping is - apologies to those customers who call to change their orders and they have already left the warehouse!

What we do:
  • offer the best prices around on everything we can
  • keep things simple
  • give great service and fast delivery
  • keep overheads low so we can maintain our low prices
  • man our "live help" (bottom right corner) during business and after hours
  • keep the phones on after business hours
  • have a "no bull" approach
What we don't do:
  • hide our prices and force you to register to see them
  • require you to buy in bulk to get "best" prices
  • require you to negotiate to get "best" prices
  • make you pay a fee or join a club to get better prices
  • send reps around to bother you while you are busy
  • bombard you with wasteful catalogues and attempt to entice you with gifts (you know who ends up paying for all that don't you!)
Being a small fish in a big pond in a very competitive environment we absolutely appreciate our customers and offer personalised and friendly service at all times.

Why not try us out? There is nothing to lose - only to save!


The Fairway Team